Unmatched Benefits

Disk Clean Pro is loaded with the special tools you’ll ever need for cleanup and maintenance of your Mac. It helps improve Mac response time of your disk by removing junk data and organizing files. Disk Clean Pro is undoubtedly the best disk management software for you.

  • One-Click Care
  • Duplicates Finder
  • Large File Scanner
  • Internet Privacy

One-Click Care

One-Click Care helps declutter and recover storage by deleting redundant files. One-Click Care comprises of four vital disk clean-up tools to instantly scan & clean your disk. It will save a lot of time that manual cleaning would’ve otherwise taken and is far more efficient.

  • Junk Cleaner

    An efficient tool to remove any redundant and junk files from Mac storage. It scans the disk and removes clutter to recover space.

  • Logs Cleaner

    This tool scans disk for system logs and user log files occupying space. It then removes these logs to free up disk space on your Mac.

  • Crash Reports

    This tool locates system generated reports from apps that crash on your Mac. Simply delete these reports from your Mac to recover space.

  • Partial Downloads

    Incomplete downloads take up space. Disk Clean Pro identifies such partially downloaded files and removes them from your Mac.


Optimizing your system not only means cleaning clutter and freeing up space. It means focusing on improving the overall efficiency of your Mac. This involves removing duplicate files and other redundant data that can potentially reduce your system speed.

  • Duplicates Finder

    Duplicate files can take up lot of disk space without you knowing. Use Duplicates Finder tool to remove such files from your Mac.

  • Old & Unused Files

    Files created a long time ago may be of no use now. You can scan your Mac for old files by specifying the age of the file in this tool.

  • Large Files

    Identify the largest files and remove them quickly with Disk Clean Pro. It scans and removes such files to quickly free-up Mac storage.

  • Old Downloads

    Find and remove old downloads from your Mac using Disk Clean Pro. It identifies files downloaded earlier than a specified time.

Manual Cleaning

Scan your Mac using the tools under the Manual Cleaning section for in-depth cleaning. These tools allow precise optimization of the data on your Mac!

  • Internet Privacy

    Scan your Mac for internet browsing history and cookies that may expose you to excessive advertising or malicious content.

  • Misc. Cleaning

    Remove old device backups in iTunes, delete downloaded email attachments and clear your Trash bin to recover space on Mac.

Disk Clean Pro

Remove hidden clutter from your Mac